Life is worth living no matter what

Yes life can be hard and at some point’s almost as if it’s not!

But with the right help and ther right people in your life can really make such an impact…We all have our up’sand our down’s and yes life can be very much so unbearable to deal with! But this will never last long! We need to stand up an adavacate for our self’s and get that help that is so despreely needed so bad! I know in this society today alot of people say just toss them in to a hospital… That is not how this can help someone that is in need of help! This is why their are so are so many people that fare to even speak of their true feelins…..Now to me that is the sadest that iv’e herdand encounted myself…

Spring is on it’s way!

Hello everyone as you all know that in the u.s.a spring is around the corner for us and i know i can not wait!

Soon the flowers will start to bloom again and the trees with come back to life with their vibrant colors.And the sun will rise earlier and the sunsets will go down later,the vibrant colors of the sky as well…I personally love spring and summer cause nature seems to be morebreath taken to me! This is when i really enjoy taken pictures, and some times i sell them…

The walks that i take now that warmer weather is starting to come in, the beatuy of the forest,the lakes, are amazing in every sense of the word! I find nature to be very peaceful and inviting, i feel at home when im in nature!

The loss of a child!

The loss of anyone that you love can tear you down and make you cry! The loss of a child is a diffrent feeling for me at least..My oldest son passed away on 1/20/2018 and he was only 25 years old and my baby..He had so much to learn in life,he was just starting to live life when he gained his Angel wings.I miss him every single day so much that it really hurts!

I know that my son will always be with me, i will always remember the goodtimes that we had and that nothing and no one will ever take that away from me! So as parents and no matter how old our children become we will always watch over them and always give them advice even if they don’t want or want to hear it..As a parent all we can do is put them on to the right path,but as they grow and become older the only thing that we can do as a parent is hope they continue to walk the path that they started on! And if they decide to take a diffrent path from the one that we put them on,then we pray for their them..

My Angel Son

Im back!!

Hello my name is Lisa and i’ve had this blog for sometime but didn’t really blog to much cause alot was going on and i didn’t think that anyone would read my post!!!!

But yes i am here if anyone is stressed and needs to vent, or just want’s to chat about what ever..It’s been one heck of a ride since last year and we all have gone threw alot since then,but with positive thought’s and just being positive period we all will all come out at the end of this crazy ride that we’ve been on!

teen age girl skips classes

Hello my name is lisa and i have a 16 year old daughter who has been skipping classes and thinks it’s all a big joke.I have talked to her about this and it went in one ear and out the other.So i have grounded her for the is the most importent thing beside breathing.

Hello world!

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